Walk with Elephants, for Elephants.

What if you could walk with elephants? What if you could walk with elephants, for elephants? What if you could make a contribution to ensuring the safe survival of elephants in South Africa by honoring them just once a year? None of this is impossible at the upcoming Walk with Elephants for Elephants, in aid of the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit.

Taking place on World Elephant Day, 12 August 2016, the Walk with Elephants for Elephants will celebrate these gentle giants in their own environment, by bringing together a group of people who are working towards ensuring a better brighter future for elephants, today and always.

The Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit, founded in memory of elephant specialist Rory Hensman, was formed to bring researchers together to better understand our tusked friends, through research into their anatomy, abilities, communication methods, the reduction of human elephant conflict and their role in a healthy ecosystem. In under a year, the organization has achieved that and more.

Attracting international attention, RHCRU now boasts an impressive network of relationships with elephant researchers from around the globe. While South African Universities including the University of Pretoria, University of Stellenbosch and the University of the Witwatersrand have come forward with formidable elephant research projects underway, researchers from as far as the University of Vienna in Austria, Geneva University and the Georgia Tech and University of North Carolina in America have joined the movement to work together, knowing that together, we can achieve more for elephants.

One of RHCRU’s first joint collaboration projects involves the creation of an elephant DNA Database, that will involve both local and international contributions. This project that was initiated in South Africa, and has committed international support, aims to ensure better elephant population management, create traceable ancestral trees of all elephants in Southern Africa, prevent herd in-breeding and prevent poaching.

On World Elephant Day, these researchers will come together to share their projects, and confirm their commitment to a better world for Elephants. Some of the topics that will be presented include elephant communication, elephant scent detection, the relationship between elephants and dung beetles, elephant feeding patterns, the elephant DNA project and a study on elephant welfare.

Members of the public are invited to donate to this cause by visiting http://adventureswithelephants.com/rheru/ for details.

The Walk with Elephants for Elephants is taking place at Adventures with Elephants, just outside Bela Bela in Limpopo, on Friday 12 August 2016. Attendance is by invitation only. For more information, or media accreditation, kindly contact jenny@greenhousepr.co.za