Our mission

  • To increase awareness of the conservation issues facing wildlife in Africa.
  • To inspire awe, joy and interest in the African elephant
  • To promote understanding that wildlife needs to have value in order for it to survive.

There are many ways of contributing to wildlife conservation. Our way is to educate our guests in the greatness of this unique animal. We believe in the power of the "Ambassadorial animal" and we are honoured to say that annually we reach and inspired close to 15000 guests in the vagaries of wildlife conservation.

In a perfect world, all elephants would be free and wild, indeed all game would be free and wild. In the imperfect world we live in, we must find solutions for both animal and humans to be able to co-exist. As long as wildlife has no value to the people who own them/live with them, wildlife will continue to die carelessly and cruelly. AWE works towards finding and communicating the value of having and conserving wildlife.

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