Support us and make a difference for conservation

We are proud that our interactions have touched the lives of more than 15000 guests in the last few years and aim to continue educating the public in the wonders of the magnificent African elephant so that elephants may have value to as many as possible. 

Elephants, land, barns, buildings, vehicles, research and staff are expensive to maintain so we rely on our interactions and other events to keep us going. We grow our own food for our elephants and regularly assist in emergency and anti-poaching efforts in the Bela Bela area. We try to keep our elephants comfortable, stimulated and happy. Donations are as important to us as our operations. We need both to keep us going.

We support various operations including RHCRU(Rory Hensman Conservation & Research Unit), Stop Rhino Poaching, Invictus K9 and raising funds for Bat Hawks to help with poaching in the area.

 Your donation, no matter how small, allows us to continue our work and we are grateful for any extra help we can get. Below are ways you can make a difference to the lives of our elephants and the lives of other wildlife in the area. 

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Help us maintain our park

We operate from South Africa. You can either donate directly into our bank account or via international bank transfer. The details are the following:

Adventures with Elephants

Branch: 260655
Account: 62098721957
International SWIFT Code: FIRNZAJJXXX

Reference: Gift (SURNAME)

Please email your proof of payment to Jenna( or Ansu(

Spread the word. You can make a difference

Tell your friends and family about our interaction centre. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Share your newfound inspiration with others through our social media channels.