Trouble, our resident meerkat

Instagram ~ Trouble the Meerkat

Trouble, our little meerkat (Suricata Suricatta) was born in captivity at a neighboring game reserve. In meerkat groups, only the alpha female is allowed to reproduce and she will kill off any other pups not her own. So Trouble was in danger when he was born (from the alpha female). He was removed from the group before the female alpha meerkat could kill him and given to us to raise. We started feeding him when he was only a few days old, about 2 inches long, and fed him every 2 hours while he was growing up.

He is now a part of our family and spends every day at work with us, where he gets lots of love and attention. He has no restrictions, stays with us by choice, and runs around the farm, plays with the dogs and even watches TV. He's been with us for a little over seven years now.

A visit to Adventures With Elephants always starts and ends with a cuddle with Trouble.