Invictus K9

Adventures With Elephants proudly supports Invictus K9, a company specializing in canine solutions for counter-poaching and trafficking, law enforcement and counter terrorism. Invictus K9 offers a unique holistic training and advisory package for the implementation of conservation dog programs that make a measurable, tangible difference to conservation. The most recent project was the establishment of a dog unit in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe which has been largely successful. Invictus K9 are now embarking on further projects in Zambia including the Lower Zambezi National Park. If you’re interested in supporting the initiative on fighting wildlife crime, please feel free to contact Michael Hensman on

For more information visit their website or Facebook page.

Micheal Hensman


Account: 624 387 24 834

Branch Code: 250655

Reference: Invictus K9 (SURNAME)

Please email your proof of payment to Micheal at

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