Our Green Initiative

At Adventures with Elephants we are firm believers in reducing our carbon footprint, we want to give back to the environment and are doing as much as we can towards conservation, and "Going Green". Here are a few systems we have in place.

Our water filtration System

Water, a valuable resource in short supply, is a priority for not only us, but all inhabitants of earth. That's why we try to not waste a drop. Water from the bathrooms is recycled and goes through a filtration system which is used to water the grass, eventually flowing into the dam, where a variety of animals come to drink. The dam is also home to a number of fish which provide food for our bird life.


LED Lighting

With the increasing pressure being placed on electricity producing plants and dwindling fossil fuels we all need to reduce the electricity consumption. All of our lights are LED lights for this reason, and are sponsored by Sunlite4life.


Recycle Branches

We are devoted to let nothing go to waste.  Branches that are broken by the ellies are used to fix soil erosion.  Alternatively the branches are converted into fire wood for the staff.  We also collect branches from surrounding lodges, when they need to do deforestation, in order to supplement feed the ellies


Manure for compost

Nature is cyclic, what's food today is "returned" tomorrow, and vice versa. Manure from the ellies is collected and used as compost for the bana grass that we grow to supplement the elephants' diets. The staff also use the compost for their vegetable gardens.


Recycle bins

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle! Recycling bins are in place to ensure that as little as possible is wasted.