Film and Photography

There are many ways to contribute to wildlife conservation. One of the greatest is to inspire people in their living rooms about how incredible elephants are; from complicated scenes in a Hollywood blockbuster to natural scenes for educational documentaries, and all in between, we can and have inspired audiences worldwide.

Our way is through educational and often life-changing interactions with our elephants as well as working towards greater insights through our research. Only through knowledge, understanding and exposure to the beauty of wildlife can we create a willingness to protect it.

We believe that widlife needs to have value to as many people as possible. The wider the circle of value (tourism, photography, film, food, detection of disease etc) the more people will be interested in protecting a species, the less vulnerable the animal. The ability to have tamed and trained elephants at hand for film or photography, allows producers to create masterpieces which inspire people around the world.

Adventures with Elephants has been able to provide elephants, handlers, and locations for many photographic assignments as well as film productions. 

films and series featuring AWE elephants

  • Running Wild: Filmed in February 1998 with 'Dande'. This film has been shown on the Hallmark Channel ever since.
  • I Dreamed of Africa: This was filmed with Dande in June 1998 in Harare. The lead actress was Carol Alt, a former German model turned actress.
  • A Fountain for Susan: This was a Slovakian production and was filmed in October 1998, on Braeside Farm in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe with Dande. As this was a foreign film, we never really did get the story about the film. 
  • "Wild at Heart" Series 7 Episode 1: Shot in 2011, at Adventures with Elephants. Stephen Tomlinson "Danny" had to rescue an elephant from "Ed Lynch" played by Robert Bathurst. After being chased by the elephant and then checking it over in its holding pen, Danny eventually swims across a river with his saved elephant to release it back to its wild herd. 

Commercials featuring awe elephants

  • Toyota Zimbabwe Advert: Filmed with Dande on Braeside on 12th June 1997. 
  • The Amarula Liquor commercial: Shot in 2002, whilst Rory was at Kapama with the 12 elephants he brought down from Zimbabwe to South Africa’s Kapama Private Game Reserve when he was forced off his farm due to political reasons. 
  • The Amarula Liquor commercial: Shot in 2012, with Alec Wek and Giant Films at Adventures with Elephants in Bela Bela, Limpopo. 
  • Giant Films - "Trust is Earned" elephant commercial shot in 2012. 

Trust is Earned. Directed by Robin Goode.

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AWE reserves the right to terminate any elephant activity, at any stage, for any reason it deems necessary for the safety or welfare of our elephants or our clients.

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