Educational Interactions

More than just a "touch and feed” activity, our comprehensive interactions aim for each of our visitors to experience, acutely, the intellect and warmth of our gentle giants.

Imagine watching an elephant in the wild, or even on television. Now try imagining what the skin feels like, or the tongue, or the surprisingly soft sole of the foot. How about the unique smells. Or the sound of an elephant rumble. Imagine all this whilst experiencing how relaxed, caring and intelligent these animals really are. Our unique hands-on interactions allow you to stop imagining and really get to know elephant better. Our qualified, experienced and friendly elephant handlers will introduce you to each of our seven elephants, Mussina, Shan, Nuanedi, Chishuru, Chova, Bela and Zambezi  and show you remarkable aspects of each individual and of the species as a whole. 

You will enjoy a close, personal and safe encounter with our gentle giants. Our elephants stand under shade on soft mats for comfort.

Here you'll learn about elephants from tail tip to trunk tip and everything between, experience first hand an elephant's intelligence through to how acute its sense of smell is, you'll experience their gentle nature as well as the stimulating levels of trust and companionship that can be developed between elephant and man. Take part in allowing an elephant to remember your name or identify you by your scent.

We run a responsible tourism operation that offers the highest level of elephant care, food requirements, hygiene and environmental enrichment. Through playful methods, we guarantee you a day of inspiration and the start of a lifetime love for the African elephant and for wildlife. 

It’s easier to protect wildlife if you care about it.
It’s easier to care about it if you understand it.
It’s easier to understand it, if you can experience it closely and safely.
— Sean Hensman

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Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Starting times:
08h00 (Summer) 08h30 (Winter) *
12h00 and 15h00

Adults: R 600.00

Children under the age of 12: R 340.00

Rates valid as at January 2019. Our bookings team can confirm the rates for all activities.

N.B. We have an in-house photographer available who will capture your entire adventure for you. Photographs will be made available for purchase after your experience on a DVD or USB.